Crystal Shapes & Meanings

So, you may have noticed that crystals come in many different shapes and sizes but have you ever wondered what those shapes actually mean or are used for?



Also known as a Tumbled Stone. This is the most common cut and polished shape of crystal available. Small chunks of raw stone are tumble polished to give them a smooth and shiny surface. The form is irregular and sizes vary but generally they are smaller stones.

The energy from tumble stones radiates gently in all directions, making them a great all purpose crystal. These are the perfect sized crystals to keep in your bag, pocket or even your bra, placed directly on your body for chakra work or using on crystal grids.



There are a few different types of crystals points, Generators are the most common type of point, they consist of six faces (facets) that connect at the top center of the crystal, creating a point. Obelisks are a square based point that consists of four faces (facets) that taper up to meet at the top point. And last but not least are double terminated points, these crystals have a point at each end and lay sideways, instead of straight up.

As its name suggests, a crystal point keeps you sharp and on point. It's your BFF whenever you need to stay uber-focused on something. Mariah K. Lyons, crystal healer and founder of ASTARA, says to use these powerful points for manifestation purposes. “Write down a mantra, affirmation, or desire on a piece of paper, fold the paper and place the crystal point on top, pointing up. This acts like a pyramid, directing all the energy from the intention on the paper upward into the cosmos and radiating out into the surrounding environment.”



A Crystal Sphere is cut and polished to be perfectly round. Spheres radiate energy evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies. 

Sphere’s will need a stand for display, they bring a peaceful and grounded energy to the home. Place them in the centre of crystal grids for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development.

The calming vibe that spheres give off makes them great meditation tool, providing a deep sense of wholeness, as if you hold the world in the palm of your hand. They unite all parts of your being and connect you with the energy of your surroundings.



Pyramids have four triangular sides and a square base. They can both anchor and direct energies. Crystal pyramids are said to be powerful for manifesting your desires as their strong base acts as an anchor for your intention and the apex sends that intention out into the universe.



Cubes are associated with the root chakra, which connects you with the physical. Meditating with cubic crystals in your hands can help you connect to the energy of the Earth

You can also place them in each corner of a room to seal, protect and ground the space from negative outside energies.



Crystal hearts represent love and connect with the energy of our heart chakra. Place a heart shaped crystal over you heart while mediating, focus your energy and attention on your heart and imagine filling your heart with pure loving light.



A crystal cluster is a cluster of crystal points in their natural form, this occurs when a number of points form together on a matrix. Due to the multiple crystal points, a cluster vibrates at an especially high energy. Crystal clusters enhance harmony and peace in all environments. Try placing a cluster on your dining table, coffee table, or other communal space in your home.  They’re also great in conference rooms or in your office. Clusters can help create a space of open dialogue and community.